Alabama Roads - AL 9/21

AL 9 and AL 21

AL 9 northbound and southbound respectively, near Hollis and Heflin, courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince.

Arba St. EB between AL 9/21 SB and 9/21 NB, acting as the I-85 NB frontage road, exit ramp, and entrance ramp all in one.

Looking east from AL 9/21 SB at the state capitol and a bit of history on Dexter Ave. AL 9/21 NB are on the other side of the building, with a couple of parallel streets between the two sides of the routes. A lot of weight has been cored out of the back of the Dexter stone, clearly not an act of vandalism. I wonder if the weight had to be brought down to a certain level in order to transport it to this site?

This relic stands on AL 9/21 at the Alabama State House. US 331 has always followed AL 9 to US 80; it's just that 80 now runs on South Blvd. instead of through the middle of Montgomery. Clearly, US 331 was truncated sometime after March 1989, based on the sticker on the back of the sign. Click on the first photo for a closeup of the shield face.

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