Alabama Roads - AL 69

AL 69

AL 69 widens to four lanes at Old Greensboro Rd. just north of Moundville. These photos look southward at the stub of the NB lanes.

Looking northward from the stub along AL 69, with Old Greensboro Rd. bearing off to the right.

Closer looks north and south at the stub of the old road, which becomes Tuscaloosa CR 95 at the point in the second photo where a new connection was forged westward.

Looking east from CR 95.

CR 95 NB and SB at Big Sandy Creek, a bridge on former AL 69 that has been removed. (What, you didn't figure out by now this was old 69?) Technically, the county route begins/ends where the double-yellow line starts in the second photo, just shy of the dirt pile.

Right on up to where AL 69 NB joins US 11 SB. Old US 11 ran straight east through Tuscaloosa, but now it follows I-359 down to a bypass south of the city in the "wrong" direction. See more of AL 69 by looking at the I-359 page linked below.

The other end of I-359, SB with US 43.

All the way up in Cullman, AL 69 leaves US 31. Nothing to see here but a typical state-name Interstate shield.

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