Alabama Roads - AL 291

AL 291

This route is less than a mile long. All it does is connect US 278/431 to AL 759 in Gadsden. Since I-759 ends at US 411, I fail to see why the state highway number can't just extend up to 278/431 and save 291 for another use.

First photo SB, but it'll be a little while before I get to the next shield.

SB at two Coosa River bridges, one for a railroad and one for Broad St. (former US 278/431). The weight limit sign (and it's not the only one at this bridge) is incredibly and amusingly detailed for something with such little information.

A couple of railroad bridge views from the parking lot just to the south. Broad St. bridge views are on the US 431 page, linked below. This is a former CSX bridge (Louisville and Nashville, or the L&N, before that) now owned by the Alabama and Tennessee River Railway.

Back to the shields as AL 291 ends. To the right is plain AL 759, not Truck 759, but it's also the truck route. This is why there are "Truck route" signs.

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