Alabama Roads - AL 27

AL 27

Details of the Pea River bridge, looking north toward Geneva.

The downs and ups of Geneva, heading south to Town Ave. in the last photo. If you're wondering, I think Gilstrap('s) Drugs provides the only "ups."

SB on the north side of Geneva, with the first four photos all taken at Campbell Ave. I'd love to know what kind of trees are planted in the median of Commerce St. and what they look like with leaves.

AL 27 NB/AL 52 EB still in the Geneva area, showing details of the left bridge railing and its old plastic reflector.

SB/WB on the bridge, exhibiting the true treasure. The bridge was constructed as part of a Federal Aid Primary route, section 89 and something ending in 6. I've never seen markers like this before, but I would guess they are as old as the bridge. 1950's? 1940's? Even older? I'd believe it.

AL 134/Business US 84 EB in Enterprise at (and joining) AL 27. A lot of routes circle around the town instead of running through the middle, but it's worth it to go straight through...

The infamous monument to the boll weevil stands smack in the middle of downtown. Why is that pretty lady holding such an ugly bug? The boll weevil is a known pest with no redeeming qualities, destroying our nation's once-proud cotton crops. Well, the reason for the monument is the same as the reason for the name "Enterprise." When the cotton was devastated, the town had no choice but to turn to industry and modernize like the North. That gave it a competitive advantage over the rest of the South for many decades, stamping the town as a regional center of business enterprise. That's making the best of a bad hand. Click on the first photo for a closeup.

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