Alabama Roads - AL 143

AL 143

At the southern end of AL 143, you get to choose between a dead-end road and the freeway into Montgomery. If you chose a little sooner, you could have made a right onto Cobbs Ford Road and seen the second sign - Cobbs Ford Rd. has a full interchange with I-65 instead of a half-interchange, and then turns into US 82 WB to boot. Photos are courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince.

If you choose the freeway instead, you get an unusual Only placard and the southern end of an interesting pile-column bridge.

Northward views of and under the I-65 viaduct. It was originally a pair of 2-lane viaducts, actually, and then the center was filled in with a boring concrete-pier structure to make the highway three lanes each way.

Southward view of the end of the bridge.

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