Alabama Roads - AL 293/Future 108

AL 293 and future AL 108

SB on AL 293 (a current route), looking to the west along AL 108 (a proposed route). The bridge out in the latter couple of photos is Miller Creek. At some point after AL 108 construction resumes, it will be filled in. If construction resumes.

Looking back north from Miller Creek at the north stub end of AL 108. There will be an interchange with I-85 up there, flying over US 80
. AL 108 is supposed to be a southern bypass of Montgomery, which currently lacks any sort of bypass route at all (Boulevard doesn't count because it's more built up than the rest of the city at this point).

Continuing southward to the AL 110 interchange, the only one that's actually graded. The last two photos are of the future AL 108 EB/NB ramp to AL 110, with the loop from AL 110 EB just to the right.

Looking west and south at the AL 110 EB-AL 108 EB/NB loop.

Starting to head west on AL 110 through the interchange. In the first photo, the fence in the foreground cuts off loop ramp traffic. I then head to the future AL 110 WB ramp to AL 108 EB/NB, one of the better-formed ones here.

Continuing west past the stubs of the freeway lanes that will require bridge abutments to pass over AL 110. The end of the SB grading is at the fence in the last photo. I don't know why there are fences all along the unpaved freeway, because no one can drive up there, and if you ARE up there, you've already gone around a fence or two anyway.

To the west side of the interchange, looking left at the future AL 108 SB/WB onramp in the first photo, then looking right at the future SB/WB offramp. The last photo looks straight up the wrong direction of the ramp to the AL 108 mainline.

Looking west and south from the stub end of the SB/WB offramp, with the future SB/WB onramp in plain sight in the second photo.

One last view of the SB/WB onramp, paved up to the fence and graded for some time after that. AL 108 has sat like this for a number of years with absolutely no work done anywhere else on the proposed route.

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