Australian Capital Territory Roads - A23


Photos progress southward for storytelling purposes.

I can think of many better ways to display most of the information on this sign. Such as having two signs. This is on Federal Highway SB entering the ACT. (Major roads go as much by name as number in Australia, but they do not always map 1:1.)

In 2013 when I was there, several territories were undergoing a transitioning in signing from national shields to alphanumeric routes. As a result, you can see the green and gold National Highway shield for what's now A25 and the white National Route shield for what's now A23. (NH is a national network of the most important roads that are typically named highways, while NR is slightly less important and may not be named but is still nationally designated.) The first shield has always been wrong, though, as NH 23 only ended at NH 25 back in the day. You can also see the colour-coded Tourist Drive 4 shield (Tourist Routes are just brown pentagons outside ACT) and whatever OD 1 is. I really have no clue on that.

I'm just gonna leave the NB sign here. It's more patch than sign at this point, and obviously this is a secondary sign for the intersection.

SB toward centre city.

NB starting at London Circuit (not CounterClockTime), featuring four coloured shields at once and two colours for the same thing! I imagine restrooms should be blue, and not mounted on a signal pole for vehicular traffic.

Back to some SB signs and the bridge over Lake Burley Griffin. The signals are covered because they are not yet in use - this was a formerly unsignalised crosswalk across 3 busy lanes in each direction. Fortunately, they have now been operational for many years.

NB photos starting at that same bridge. I may have found the oldest sign in Canberra. The 4 sign likely is from a side street pointing north along A23.

The sign that starts it all off, and your chance at a 5th Tourist Drive (out of 7), on Parliament Drive WB as it comes to the ramp that merges into B23 to create A23. Parliament Drive is a one-way counterclockwise loop around the heart of the Commonwealth, surrounded by a clockwise quasi-loop (can't go all the way around) called Capital Circle and a two-way ring road called State Circle. The 5 shield has since been replaced by a 1 shield, which seems more correct at least with current Tourist Drive routings.

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