Alberta Highways - TCH 16

Trans-Canada Highway 16

All photos courtesy Rich Piehl and westbound.

Westbound at Mundare, the beginning of Highway 15 and Secondary Highway 855. 15 comes back to, and again ends at, 16 in Edmonton.

Old signs still have outlined shields, whereas all newer ones have cutouts tacked on.

In Sherwood Park, east of Edmonton. Highway 216 is slowly forming a loop around the city, at least around the south of it, but the southeastern quadrant between Highways 2 and 14 remains unbuilt. Different-size fonts on one sign isn't completely unheard of in Canada.

Another outlined shield, west of Edmonton, with strange spacing and an unusual "NEXT EXIT" reminder.

Trailblazer for Range Road 65, approaching Gainford and Secondary Highway 757.

And now, the scenery begins, entering Jasper National Park.

More excuses for scenery, plus the beginning of Highway 93, which has scenery of its own (linked below).

Elk entering the park, a tall mountain inside (nearing British Columbia, which has two TCH 16 photos of its own), and what's that? Something road related - a Canadian warning sign! (The white border and black rays make it Canadian, not its maple flavor.)

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