Alberta Roads


All photos from this province courtesy Rich Piehl.

(Trans-Canada) Highway 16         Highway 43         Highway 93, Icefields Pkwy.

Highway 2 SB at TCH 1. To the east, TCH 1 has a brief freeway segment, and all through Calgary (and pretty much across Canada), the TCH has four lanes. The cable-stayed bridge in the second photo is a pedestrian overpass to a golf course. Note in all the photos that the TCH maple leaf is simply inserted straight into the Alberta shield, instead of being its own shield, and note in the last photo the horizontal signal warning sign (you don't get those in the States). The interchange looks similar to a roundabout, but is actually just a conventional diamond, with the halves of TCH 1 separated widely enough to allow only two signal phases with left-turn storage.

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