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Since I was 3 years old, I've been drawing highways on pieces of paper (and making interchanges out of clay) - my favorite is a bunch of my father's old business cards that I taped together and drew several multicolored cities on. (Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition.) I also love reading maps, and going on new highways to new places. That's why I've been to all 46 states, 4 commonwealths, and 1 district of the United States, and all of the Canadian provinces and territories except Nunavut. I’ve also been to Puerto Rico, Switzerland, France, England, New Zealand, every Australian territory except Western Australia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Ecuador. And Antarctica, which isn't a country. I've set foot in Brazil and Mexico, and laid over in Colombia and Peru. I've taken road photos in most of those locations and over time I'm putting them up here, along with many people's generously submitted photos, for your enjoyment.

If you would like to use any photo on this website, you may provided I am the photographer, but please give credit, and if applicable, please link to my site or at least the page from which you took the image. [Note: This applies to any non-commercial use, including Wikipedia, so long as proper attribution is given.] If you would like to use any photo that was submitted, please ask and I will contact the relevant person, or notify me that you have contacted the person yourself.

Email me with photos, questions, comments, information, corrections. Inform me of a broken link or make a new friend.
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Below is a clickable map - the red states, provinces, etc. are places viewable on this website. However, as I expand around the world, I've had to cut it off at North America. If you're bad at geography, looking for another continent, or can't seem to get your mouse onto Washington, DC, I'll be nice and provide the individual links for you at the bottom of the image.

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Among many of the states on this site are hundreds of photos from the 1970's and 1980's, courtesy Michael Summa and Averill Hecht. Also see samples of Michael's sign collection as linked immediately below. Unlike my own sign collection, you won't see Michael Summa's personal signs on any other page on this site. Because they're too special to spread around like that.

My sign collection
Michael Summa's sign collection

Highways I've clinched
Counties I've visited (on Mob Rule)

Original Interstate highway plans from 1957 and 1958
SPUI's New Jersey Highways at its new home
New River Gorge (WV) Bridge Day, 10/17/09

Road meets:
Albany, 10/11/03
Elmira, NY, 9/30/06
Poughkeepsie, 4/14/07
Hartford, 4/26/08
New Brunswick, NJ, 9/14/08
Buffalo, 10/18/08
State College, PA, 4/18/09
Indianapolis, 7/10-11/09
Highland, NY, 10/3/09
Washington, DC, 11/21/09
Detroit, 1/2/10
Tulsa, 2/22/10
Baltimore, 4/17/10
Akron-Canton, 5/8/10
Southeast PA, 6/19/10
Providence, 8/7/10
South Jersey Invitational, 12/18/10
Jersey City Invitational, 2/5/11
North Jersey, 3/12/11
Columbus, 5/14/11
Montréal, 5/28/11
Morgantown, WV, 6/18/11
New Haven, CT, 7/23/11
Central Jersey, 8/13/11
Watertown, 9/10/11
Wausau, 10/1/11
Bennington, VT, 11/12/11
ICC, Gaithersburg, MD, 12/4/11
Upper Middle Delaware Valley, 3/24/12
Joliet, IL, 4/21/12
Ottawa, 8/25/12
Richmond, VA, 10/13/12
Rochester Mini-Meet, 11/24/12 (unofficial)
Doylestown, PA, 12/8/12
Ashland, KY, 4/6/13
Brick/Wall, NJ, 6/29/13
Lebanon, NH, 9/21/13
Pikeville, KY, 10/19/13
St. Louis, 3/15/14
Seattle, 10/25/14

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Keep in mind that these very informative links will not be found on the various state pages because they cover more than one state.

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Updated: 5/19/21
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I-76 Schuylkill Expwy.
- 14 new photos
I-78 WB - 9 new/updated photos
I-95 - 5 new photos
I-276 - 15 new/updated photos
US 1 - 3 new photos
Old US 1 - 5 new/updated photos
US 11, Exeter and south - 13 new/updated photos
US 15 - 13 new/updated photos
Old US 22 east of Armagh - 4 new photos
US 30 east of Columbia - 13 new photos
Bus. US 30 - 3 new photos with US 322
US 220 between I-80/I-180 - 17 mostly new photos
US 322 - 14 new/updated photos
PA 29 - 25 new photos
PA 61 - Split Centralia page, 70 new photos
PA 73 - 9 new photos with NJ 29
PA 150 - 6 new/updated photos
PA 191 - 15 new photos
PA 252 - 10 new photos
PA 309 north of I-78 - 6 new photos
PA 420 - 2 new photos
PA 611 - 4 new/updated photos
PA 885 - 5 new photos
Centralia - 8 new photos
Fort Duquesne Blvd. - 14 new photos
Philadelphia - 11 new photos
Wayne County - 3 new photos
New pages: Old US 15, Old US 220 in Bald Eagle State Park, PA 5, PA 42, PA 113, PA 196, PA 315, PA 352, PA 371, PA 507, PA 549, PA 924, Bullens Lane in Woodlyn, Cobbs Creek Pkwy. in Philly, MacDade Blvd., Retreat Bridge - 174 new photos total and a Retreat Bridge video

New Jersey
- 10 new/updated photos
I-80 - 10 new/updated photos
I-95 - 60 new/updated photos
I-278 - 17 new/updated photos
I-280 - 7 new photos
I-287 - 36 new/updated photos
I-295 - 4 new/updated photos and a NB video
I-676 - 3 new/updated photos
Garden State Pkwy. - 4 new/updated photos
US 1 - 15 new/updated photos
US 1-9 - 23 new/updated photos
US 1-9 Truck - Split mainline page, 23 new/updated photos
US 22 - 12 new/updated photos
US 46 - 33 new/updated photos
US 130, Airport Circle and south - 5 new/updated photos
NJ 3 - 5 new/updated photos
NJ 7 - Split page, 33 new photos mostly in Jersey City
NJ 10 - 6 new/updated photos
NJ 17 SB - 24 new/updated photos
NJ 21 - 5 new/updated photos
NJ 23 - 3 new/updated photos
NJ 24 - 6 new/updated photos
NJ 27 - Split page, 19 new/updated photos
NJ 32 - 2 new photos
NJ 57 - 9 new photos
NJ 81 - 8 new photos
NJ 82 - 21 new/updated photos
NJ 94 - 15 new NB photos
NJ 124 - 26 new/updated photos
NJ 139 - 25 new photos
NJ 159 - 6 new/updated photos
Northern NJ 440 - 12 mostly new photos
NJ 495 EB - 7 new/updated photos
CR 506 - 3 new photos
CR 506 Spur - 6 new photos
CR 508 - 2 new photos
CR 514 - 4 new photos
CR 519 - 3 new photos
CR 524 - 15 new/updated photos
CR 527 - 3 new/updated photos
CR 528 - 3 new/updated photos
CR 529 - 12 mostly new photos
CR 534 - 5 new/updated photos
CR 551 - 12 new photos
Camden/Burlington/Ocean CR 616 - 11 mostly new photos
Essex County - 2 new photos
 ~ Newark - 10 new photos
 ~ Broad St., Newark - 3 new photos
Gloucester CR 603 - 7 new/updated photos
Gloucester CR 662 - Was CR 601, 4 new photos
Hudson County - 13 new photos
Mercer CR 672 - Split from Burlington CR 660, 2 new photos
Middlesex County - 3 new New Rd. photos
Monmouth County - 5 new Walnford Rd. photos
Morris County - 5 new photos
 ~ Chatham - Split from Morris County, 1 new photo
Somerset CR 651 - 3 new/updated photos
Union/Essex CR 649 - 3 new/updated photos
Union CR 651 - 13 new/updated photos
Warren County - 2 new photos
 ~ Along Paulins Kill - Merged Brugler/Station Rds., 2 new bridges/27 photos
Elizabeth - 9 new photos
 ~ Elizabeth Ave., Elizabeth - 5 new/updated photos
 ~ North Ave., Elizabeth - 3 new/updated photos
NJ Multiplexes - 2 new ends, 11 new/updated photos total
NJ Route Ends - 2 new ends, 13 new photos total
New pages: Old NJ 23, NJ 122, Camden CR 612, Camden CR 705, Camden CR 707, Gloucester CR 621, Gloucester CR 664, Gloucester CR 684, Hudson CR 659, Morris CR 622, Salem CR 642, Union CR 610, Warren CR 621, W. 2nd St. Middlesex, Dowd Ave. Elizabeth, Foul Rift, Front St. Elizabeth, Monroe Ave. Kenilworth, Newark Airport, Port Newark, Raymond Blvd. Newark, Rockaway Valley Rd. Boonton Twp., Whippany Railway Museum - 238 new photos total
Below are four interchanges I've drawn, in order of complexity. The first, green one is a 10-way interchange (four through highways, two beginning there). The second (black, red, and blue) has 11 spokes coming out of the hub: five through highways and one starting in the interchange. The third, dark blue one has 6 through highways for a total of 12 spokes, taking up more than half of the 9" x 12" page. Finally, the last one has four freeways (8 spokes), two through arterials (4 spokes), and one starting in the interchange, for a total of 13 spokes over an entire 8½" x 11" area, which scales to about 1 mile wide by 1½ miles tall. I think I'm done.


My maps also annex people's dinner settings.