New York Roads - NY 347

NY 347

Eastbound heading away from the Northern State Parkway, where NY 347 begins while multiplexed with NY 454. It used to begin at 454 proper but was extended when the extension of the Northern State died. 347 otherwise has nothing to do with the parkway system, but does get one signed "exit" that's really just a jughandle. I'll reserve comment on the black-background shield on the green sign for a moment, but I will call out the other ugly advance shield.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, this was once the WB sign at the same intersection. In addition to also having the black background (proving these signs were made incorrectly from the start), it refers to a long-dead route that was replaced by I-83 and US 15. Those aren't anywhere near here, so obviously it was an error, and that's why there are NY 111 shields there now.

Suffolk County has used many different styles of route shields, and here (EB) takes a stab at copying Albany County.

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