New Jersey Roads - US 202/CR 511 - N. of Morristown

and US 202/CR 511 north of Morristown

Old stuff heading SB into Morristown. The green signs are at Malapardis Road, which is cut off by I-287 and then again at NJ 10, leaving a dead-end section accessible only from Jefferson Rd. and this slightly longer part.

NB at the same bridge and the beginning of NJ 53. You get a better view from this side of the original clearance painted under the modern sign. You also get an inch less forgiveness.

Again SB, overkill at NJ 10.

More of them at Halsey Rd. The first is SB and the second is supposed to be for Halsey Rd. (WB), but over time it has rotated 180 degrees to face no one.

On Littleton Road, which runs E-W between CR 511 and I-80 and carries US 202.

NB and SB at the southern end of the 202/511 multiplex and beginning of CR 630.

That 2dus shield faced north at the intersection of Littleton and 511, but has since been replaced by a regular shield. The next photo is what you get if you face westward, along US 202 SB:

I guess the same contractor did a lot of NJ 202 shields in the same general US 46/US 202/NJ 10 area. Anyway, Littleton Road goes east to US 46/I-80/I-287, which isn't quite as confusing an interchange as it seems from ground level - NJDOT always provides local access, and often fails at making it convenient. There's a lot more signage required than is present to make things work smoothly, basically.

You know it's old when the telephone number begins with a two-letter exchange (presumably for DEnville).

Signs that need to be replaced for different reasons, SB just past US 46.

Wife-beatingly old signs, Parsippany Blvd. SB south of Boonton at Intervale Road, where US 202 leapfrogs over I-287, only to become Parsippany Blvd. once again just to the south. On the lake (east) side of I-287, Parsippany Boulevard, of course old US 202, is a dead-end, narrow, 2-lane, curvy street. Click on the first sign for a cat-kickingly great closeup. Sorry, after all these pages, I've used up my adjectives for this site.

Lathrop Ave. SB at Main St. just outside downtown Boonton. It's also US 202, by the way.

NB in Boonton.

SB in Boonton, and RIDOT invades again. I-287 SB has direct entrances, but I-287 NB requires using Vreeland Ave.

Unfortunately, all the old signs are gone in Boonton, although at least the RIDOT shield disappeared with them. The first photo is as seen from Wootton St. WB and the second photo is once again at Vreeland Ave.

SB at I-287 Exit 47, just north of Boonton.

US 202 turns in Lincoln Park to head toward NJ 23, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Starting on Terhune Drive, continuing SB along the Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike, and turning onto Black Oak Ridge Road, which leads to the NJ 23 multiplex. You will not see the LGS (third photo) unless you stop, thanks to foliage.

In Oakland south of I-287 Exit 58; the ugly sign is repeated on US 206 in Sussex County north of I-80.

Bergen County has two systems of county routes. This is the only modern sign legitimizing either of them, NB at Oakland Ave. A number of low-digit county routes supposedly criss-cross the county, but none are recognized by the NJ Straight Line Diagram. The rest are all above 25. The low-numbered routes are basically touring routes, an overlay on the actual county route system, if they're official. This Bergen County assembly suggests that they do still exist. We're fortunate that US 202 is county-maintained but still a state highway so that this assembly could even be made possible.

NB under NJ 17.

Toward the top of Bergen County, US 202 shields get quite old, at 2dus width. They also get the nifty old square Bergen County shields; only Monmouth County joins Bergen in maintaining 1- and 2- digit county routes. This part of US 202 is county-maintained; in fact, from NJ 53 on northward, minus the NJ 23 multiplex, it's entirely a county road, which is very interesting because there are almost no other state routes for which this is the case. NJ 41 and 347 are about it - and NJ 29 ends under town maintenance.

A little south of the CR 91 shields above.

Right before the highway ends in New Jersey, proof that the state isn't involved with this part of US 202; Bergen County actually built this bridge to carry 202 back when it was first laid out.

The first shield is on US 202 SB at the New York/New Jersey border (definitely an NJDOT shield, though), and the second is northbound at that same intersection, where CR 507 also begins to the right from the northeastern side of a low railroad bridge. US 202 NB traffic is fighting a very short sight distance, brought on by a curve and the RR underpass, and is helped by a traffic signal (as well as a no turn on red policy). Here, NB traffic turns left, only to be going EB in New York; US 202 is one of those routes that changes directions every other state. If you think about it, though, NB usually turns left to WB, and indeed US 202 EB goes west for a short time before swinging to the right and turning in Suffern.

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