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Passaic County

Thanks to Adam Moss for locating these photos, because I had no clue where I took them. Oak Ridge Rd., CR 699, at Wallace Pond - bridge stamp and lake are on the SB side.

To the east side of Clinton Rd., south of Clinton Reservoir.

Paradise Rd. at Neilsen Pl. and two more West Milford street signs on CR 699 and 700.

Speaking of CR 700, SB at Captolene Ave., Bloomingdale.

Directional street signage, in Clifton, courtesy Chris Eddie Wilson.

Why does Princeton Place look so different? Why does it look like it multiplexes with Montclair Ave.? The green signs stand in Nutley, just off of NJ 7/Cathedral Ave., and the blue sign is a standard Clifton sign, just across the border (which must split the signposts?) and thus just off of Passaic Ave. (not 7 at all, and you must visit that page to find out why).

Old street signs of Passaic. Highland Ave. is CR 626 and Lexington Ave. is CR 625.

While I'm amongst old street signs, these are on Delawanna Ave. EB in Clifton.

Bogert St. (EB) turning into Dewey Ave. and Furler St. EB, both in Totowa.

Ignore the inscrutable R joke. What's odd about this sign, Wayne Ave. EB at McBride Ave. in Paterson, is that it's stenciled. It's at the intersection of county highways (and Wayne Ave. is CR 666!), so they ought to be following standards.

Spruce St. WB at Market St. approaching McBride Ave. at the same location (the southern side of Overlook Park at the Great Falls). But how shall we delay it? If it turns green, have we broken the law by failing to uphold the sign?

Very old signs used an arrow to indicate the through route, but this on Long Hill Road WB is quite new.

Long Hill Road NB-WB just after leaving Montclair as Upper Mountain Road, where Clove Road branches in a narrow Y on its way to US 46. It's not that this sign is a bus stop converted from a school bus stop, but rather that it was a school sign converted to be a school bus stop sign via stenciling.

Totowa Road WB leaving the namesake town and EB entering it.

Riverview Drive heading east from Union Blvd. up toward the famed "midget town" (actually a town of small houses with normal sized people who do value their privacy and do enforce against trespassers, so be nice and don't take photos).

20 ton weight limit, and Passaic County Bridge #20 coincidentally, on the Lincoln Street Bridge. The signs seem to date from 1962 along with the bridge. This is now Glover Avenue, not Lincoln St., and I couldn't tell you the reason for any name change.

Another one of these, on Union St. in Hawthorne, courtesy Frank Simon, who postulates that this county-owned bridge may not be on a county-owned road (Glover Ave. might be, I forget).

Two rusted bridge inventory signs on Warwick Turnpike; the first is over a leg of Upper Greenwood Lake (Lake Wakover), and the second is east of White Road by CR 513.

The Colfax Bridge is on Dawes Hwy. (CR 682) crossing from Wayne to Pompton Lakes. Unfortunately, can't tell what year it was built just from visiting it.

The Gregory Avenue Bridge crossing over from Wallington, Bergen County.

The Arch St. Bridge into Paterson seen from Presidential Blvd. in West Paterson (now Woodland Park).

On French Hill Rd. at Parish Drive and Valley Road (the lane assignment LWS is SB on French Hill at Valley).

Dating to the construction of Willowbrook Mall in the 1960s, the no parking and yellow yield signs are in the Macy's Furniture parking lot, removed from the main agglomeration.

These Very Old Passaic County White Signs stand respectively at Totowa and French Hill Roads in Wayne and Fairfield and Fayette Avenues in Mountain View. Go to the CR 504 page (link below) to see a couple more of these, on Newark-Pompton Turnpike (old NJ 23) at former US 202. Also, click on the second one for a closeup.

Another VOPCWS, Passaic Ave. (CR 603) NB at Brook Ave. in Passaic. Even before the NJ Turnpike, New Jersey was big on Thru Traffic.

Top and bottom of the SB sign assembly at that same intersection. Sorry, in this case, one is greater than two.

Click on this very old crossing sign, on Montclair Ave. NB in Little Falls, to see it as large as I can make it. I've found a few button-copy crossbucks around the state, but never the advance sign before this.

CR 504
CR 511
CR 635, Browertown Rd.
CR 642, Minnisink Rd.
CR 694, Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike (old NJ 23)
NJ 19
NJ 20
NJ 23
NJ 62 and CR 646, Union Blvd.
NJ 161 and CR 611
US 202
Great Falls in Paterson
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