New Jersey Roads - NJ 21

NJ 21

A cool feature of the new freeway that was constructed north of Exit 11, finally completing NJ 21 after 30-40 years of planning, is that the concrete has been tinted to a slightly pinkish color. It's pretty nice as a change, especially with matching sound barrier - beats drab whitish-yellow any day. The colorful tile on a bridge parapet is courtesy HNTB Corporation - as is the photo.


Former NJ 21, now an isolated stretch of Main St. or the surface part of McCarter Highway, entering Newark from Belleville (SB) and the opposite direction. This was clearly four lanes at one point, and the concrete is clearly original. For a short time after NJ 21 was moved onto a freeway, this was NJ 21A.

The date of 1930 is stamped into the SB and NB near sides of the bridge. Both of the far sides were overgrown.

My best attempt to capture STATE ROUTE 21 on the NB side.

NJ 21 on Steve Anderson's
The old NJ 21 viaduct on Raymond Martin's
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