New Jersey Roads - NJ 183

NJ 183

NJ 183 is old US 206 through Netcong.

NB at US 46 and then through the northern half of the circle. There is a clear need for a "TO" here (and some rearrangement) - it should be NORTH 183 TO 206, not this assembly which implies a US 206/NJ 183 multiplex.

SB at and in the southern half of the US 46 demi-circle intersection/interchange. The diagonal arrow and the straight arrow both point to the NJ 183 SB leg of the circle.

The near right and far left abutments of the southbound underpass of US 46 (between the two previous photos); NJSHR 31 is the original number that shadowed this part of US 206. Unlike other bridges and overpasses of this age, here the messages are stamped directly in with no border.

North of US 46; the embossed diamond is on Allen Terrace.

One block in on Allen.

Stay steady as you follow the backbone of the salamander; traffic may be approaching on its legs. SB in northern Netcong, where someone had too much black tape.

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