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The last freeway in NJ with a significant run of non-reflective signage, I-78 west of Exit 47 is rapidly losing this distinction. The most recent stretch, just west of Exit 47 and dating to 1986, is probably the latest application of these signs anywhere in the state. By 1989, the date of the western 3 miles of highway, signage became reflective, as you will see at the very bottom of WB signage (link below).

I-78 EB west of NJ 24
I-78 WB west of NJ 24
I-78 east of NJ 24
Exit 52 construction at the Garden State Parkway
I-78 on NJ 139
Across I-78 on the abandoned Nikesite Road

Let me explain NJ 139 a little. I-78 is the only signed two-digit Interstate highway with at-grade intersections. I-A1 through I-A4 in Alaska have at-grade intersections and are mostly two-lane roads, but are not signed. I-180 in Wyoming also has them, but it's a three-digit. I-10 in Texas and some other Western highways have at-grade ranch entrances, but those aren't intersections and generally don't cross the highway. Had I-78 been completed in New York (via the Lower Manhattan, Bushwick, Nassau, and Clearview Expressways, most of which are unbuilt), this section would be even more incongruous, but having the highway end just at the other side of the Holland tunnel doesn't make much sense anyway. The traffic signals cause plenty of delay on both I-78 and NJ 139, but any plans to replace them are long-term. I don't mind having the signals there, but why can't I-78 just end at I-95? East of there it's a toll highway, which Interstates aren't supposed to be, then a surface street, then a toll tunnel, then a one-way loop in New York. Not at all up to standards, if you ask me or any other sane engineer.

I've seen deer, moose, snowmobiles, tractors, pedestrians, elk, penguins... you name it, there's a sign for it crossing the highway. But for some reason, never seen a tree crossing. Well, here are two, so you can't argue it's just an isolated incident. Actually, there are roads up there too, but since this is the middle of Watchung Reservation, may as well keep everything looking pretty, and also give those aforementioned animals a chance to cross the road. If I ever see a penguin riding a snowmobile across I-78, I'll never drive again.

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