New Jersey Roads - Burlington CR 660

Old York Road

Truck CR 541 is a relatively new bypass of downtown Burlington City, and this is the first 541T shield I've seen, though I'm sure there will soon be others if there aren't already. Truck CR 541 is town maintained, and so is Fountain Avenue, which I'm on now. Old York Road ended one long block to the north (about half a mile, so one really long block), as did CR 660, but hey, do you want an Old York Road page or don't you?

SB at the Jacksonville Road split. Really, I-295 is equally accessible either way, since the two roads flank I-295 Exit 52 (Florence-Columbus Rd.). As for Florio Free in '93, you know how that went.

SB and NB at Rising Sun Road, the last piece in the NJ Turnpike connection to I-295 that also includes US 206 and Old York Road.

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