New Jersey Roads - CR 577

CR 577

Milltown Rd. EB at Spur CR 509. Or CR 577. NJDOT still recognizes the former as a legitimate route, while Union County signs it as the latter. The question is whether CR 577 makes it past the NJ 124/NJ 82 intersection or dies on the east side with Spur CR 509 beginning on the west side. The two sides ought to sit down and talk.

Millburn Ave. (Essex CR 630) WB at what is unquestionably CR 577. This shield has a white legend instead of the typical gold.

Signage on SB Prospect Ave./CR 577 approaching the very beginning of NJ 10. This includes the incorrect signage for Spur CR 577, which was de-designated years ago and is rightly CR 677. I guess it's really whatever Essex County wants it to be, since it doesn't cross into any neighboring county, but NJDOT really ought to go along with any 500-route changes, and they haven't. I'm not sure if the first and second photos were taken in the same place, but I think they were, meaning that signage for the only state highway at the intersection has been removed, leaving more of the only error.

SB on Prospect Ave. at I-280 Exit 8A. Note the funny-looking 280 shield and the extra yellow around the 577.

Aerial view of the crazy I-280 interchange - well not all that crazy-looking, but you can't see the hill sloping up from either side that messes with roadway elevations. The ramp that until 2010 had that old SB sign loops from down to up just below the middle of the photo.

Signage on Prospect Avenue NB at the beginning of Pompton Avenue, NJ 23, in Verona, and the end of 577.

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