New Jersey Roads - Spur CR 549

The above photo is really on CR 549 NB, but it makes the perfect header for this page. Whatever "SPUR" overlaid, there should also be an overlay for the left half the arrow, because CR 549 itself turns left here. "Here" is at the northern Spur CR 549, because there are indeed two in Ocean County.

Staying with the northern spur, first EB at NJ 70 (which only has two digits in it), and then Maxon Ave. NB at Herbertsville Road in Point Pleasant. This has the opposite problem as the shield atop this page - this SHOULD be the Spur route in both directions, although Spur CR 549 ends just to the east at NJ 88.

The first photo is of the first northbound reassurance for Spur CR 549, and should be the first WESTBOUND reassurance for CR 571. The second photo not only has that problem in the other direction, but is also missing the SPUR.

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