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Massachusetts Avenue in Boston

Pretty far south, Mass. Ave. continues straight ahead southward, and Albany Street branches to the southeast, from this one-way square that is the only break in Mass. Ave. for NB traffic (SB just goes straight on through). If you're going south on I-93/MA 3(/US 1, but that's only since 1990 so this sign probably predates that), you're actually better off going straight, as you'll end up right near Exit 15.

This is SB at Melnea Cass Boulevard, the remnant of the aborted Inner Loop (I-695 and a bit of I-95) - but now the interchange with I-93 has been turned into one with frontage roads and traffic lights, instead of a free-flowing Y. With the Big Dig's new I-93 NB, there's now a separate NB frontage road ramp to I-90, as opposed to merging with the mainline, since the I-90 ramp leaves before the merge from Cass.

WB on Melnea Cass between I-93 and Mass. Ave.

A view of the bus shelter that sits on top of the I-90 overpass on Mass. Ave. SB. It's a favorite haunt for vagrants, not to mention the only bus shelter of its kind I've seen in Boston, and the only one I've ever seen on an overpass.

Looking west on I-90 from Mass. Ave.

NB at Newbury Street (just across I-90). A good view of Mass. Ave., not to mention a look at a non-standard arrow on the overhead traffic signal (the arrowhead should be two lines like on the right-mounted one, not a triangle).

MA 2A begins at the Mass. Ave. overpass of MA 2. The first photo is the northbound LGS, and the second photo is a closeup of the southbound LGS (really just the other side of this sign). "MASS HWY" is proof that these signs aren't that old, but the sturdy post is much older, since it is emblazoned with MASS. DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS.

A detail of the state seal in the side of that concrete sign support post, which most likely dates to the grade separation of Massachusetts and Commonwealth Avenues. See I-495 for a post of similar age - and the original sign atop that one.

Mass. Ave. becomes MA 2A
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