Georgia Roads - US 78

The photo above and two below are courtesy John Krakoff and came to me via Adam Prince.

Very non-reflective signs on the Stone Mountain Freeway, US 78 EB near Atlanta, removed since 2000 when the photos were taken.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The EB and WB faces of a very old sign, certainly not one you'd see reproduced now (even in white on green), at Stevens Grove Church Rd. east of Lexington.

Prepared for future extension, a short divided highway begins north of Thomson, EB at GA 43 (I'd say "west," but it's almost due north and this is also GA 17 SB).

US 278 and US 78/278
Old US 78/278/1/25

Into Alabama on US 78
Into South Carolina on US 78
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